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Taking Control of Your Career


Are you at a career crossroads?  Not sure the right step or direction to take next?

Most accounting and finance professionals have strong technical skills by the mid to senior stages of their career. Yet feeling successful at work and finding a fulfilling job require more than just a technical match.

As you get more senior, the cultural fit and the values of your organisation become even more important. At this stage in your career you may also be considering changing sectors, locations or job types.

At Moir Group we talk to many senior accounting and finance professionals every day. We work with employers across every sector and we understand how to get the fit right. In this course we teach you some of the secrets that will help you take control of your own career and create a career plan to land your dream job.


The Taking Control of Your Career course covers the following details:

  • How to create a career plan and take control of your career
  • How to build your own brand
  • What makes you excellent
  • How to package your strengths into a winning resume that gets you in the door
  • Mastering interviews for senior roles
  • Networking for senior accounting and finance professionals

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  • Taking Control of Your Career 

    • Course overview
    • Are you at a career crossroads?
    • Creating a career plan
    • Taking control of your career
    • Roles and organisations
    • Build your own brand
  • Write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter 

    • Writing a winning resume
    • Writing a winning cover letter
    • 1 page CV summary for networking
  • Networking 

    • Networking and the hidden job market
    • The importance of networking and how to do it well
    • Referrals
    • LinkedIn and other social media
  • Summary 

    • Learning commitments
    • Take a risk
    • General tips and summary
    • Course Completion


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