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Taking Control of Your Career

Are you at a career crossroads?  At different stages of our careers, we all face crossroads. This is the time to review your professional life.  A key factor in making successful decisions is taking control of your career.  In this course, we will discuss how to create a career plan and establish what makes you excellent.  We will also assist you with writing a winning resume and how to effectively network.

The Taking Control of Your Career course covers the following details:

  • How to create a career plan and take control of your career
  • How to build your own brand
  • How to write a winning resume and cover letter
  • The importance of networking and how to do it effectively
  • Learning commitments plus other general tips

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How to get started

1.Watch the course introduction video above

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3.Use the Course Detail section to click on each module in turn

4.Complete each section:
listen to the audio files, read the content, review downloads and videos

5.Follow the prompts at the bottom of the page to move forward

  • Taking Control of Your Career  0/6

  • Write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter  0/3

  • Networking  0/4

  • Summary  0/4


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