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Developing Your Career

Welcome to the Developing Your Career online learning course. In this course, you will learn how to get the job you want.  You will learn skills on writing a winning resume and how to handle job interviews successfully.  You will also learn about networking and other general tips to help you get the job you want.

The Developing Your Career course covers the following details:

  • How to write a winning resume and cover letter
  • Basic tips for job interviews
  • How to succeed at behavioural-based interviews
  • Interview questions to ask
  • The importance of networking and how to do it effectively
  • Plus other general tips on developing your career

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How to get started

1.Click “Buy this course”

2.Login or Register with Moir’s Learning Portal

3.Pay or enter your promo code

4.Select the course you would like to do

5.Get started on your learning

How to get started

1.Watch the course introduction video above

2.Click ‘Start this course’

3.Use the Course Detail section to click on each module in turn

4.Complete each section:
listen to the audio files, read the content, review downloads and videos

5.Follow the prompts at the bottom of the page to move forward

  • Creating a Winning Resume  0/2

  • Job interviews  0/3

  • Networking  0/3

  • Summary and General Tips  0/3


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